Sunday Dec 04, 2022

Level II Soft Armor For Vests, Backpacks, and Messenger Bags

Level II soft armor panels can be used in vests, backpacks, and messenger bags to protect against most handgun threats. AR500 Armor Rimelig Ballistic Plates are a low-cost option for high-quality protection. These plates are made from p-Aramid fibers, imported from Europe, and are designed, cut, and assembled in the USA. The Rimelig ballistic plate offers excellent protection against most handgun threats.

These soft body armor components are typically stronger than steel plates but are less bulky than hard body armor. This makes them more likely to be worn beneath a uniform or in addition to other gear. The materials used in the vests are flexible and lightweight, so they can be worn on their own. They provide a good level of protection against a wide range of impacts. Nonetheless, soft body armor is not as versatile as hard armor, making it a more versatile option.

Soft body armor is woven from strong synthetic fibers and is sewn into clothing or vests. The most well-known material for soft armor is Kevlar, which is a lightweight fiber that is five times stronger than steel. These fibers are extremely elastic and absorb a great deal of energy. Vectran is another man-made fiber that is five to ten times stronger than steel. When a bullet strikes a garment, its kinetic energy is transformed into a tensile or a shear force.


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